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Bring the Story to Your Organization

For hundreds of years, families communicated their histories through traditions and stories. Over the past few years, however, this practice has started to dwindle. How will we teach future generations about our pasts in a climate of right-now digital content and scripted realities?

More than a Book

Genealogist and author, Sahara Bowser, and community development consultant, James McKnight aren’t just recording history, they’re bringing it to life. These aren’t simple book signings. My Story of a Sharecropper Book events add to the experience of sharing history and cultural knowledge.

These open forum events allow the public to go more in-depth into the unique history of one of America’s oldest man. They also teach those interested how to record their personal histories and market it for the public.

Whether you’re a history buff, family elder, or aspiring author, there is much to learn at these entertaining discussions.

Learn to curate your family’s story

Have you though about publishing your family’s history? Jim McKnight, co-author of My Story of a Sharecropper explains the inner workings of publishing a family history so that you can do the same. In this Q&A session, participants learn:

  • Beginning the process of researching family history.
  • Publishing and copyrighting your work
  • Marketing your book

The South: through our eyes

Nowadays, very few people in America have sharecropping parents. Even fewer can say they used to be sharecroppers. Learn about the American South from the first – hand account of a former sharecropper. Topics include:

  • Growing up as a sharecropper
  • Black America following the Civil War
  • Why history from this period is lost

Schedule a Book Signing for Your Organization

Organizations of all types can benefit from a My Story of a Sharecropper Book Signing Event. Here are just a few organizations that have hosted our talks:

  • Department of Veterans Affair – Black History Event (VA)
  • Clarendon County Public Library (SC)
  • Anderson Island General Store (WA)
  • Petersburg Public Library (VA)
  • Historical Society (VA)
  • Chesterfield Co. Parks & Rec (VA)

All events will be publicized over social media and/or local press (when available). Participants will be able to purchase physical copies of the book at all events.

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